23 May 2011

Dail Echo - Letters

Absurd situations in fluoridation plan
PURE water is one of the basic necessities of life.
In the 21st century it is profoundly undemocratic that an unelected and unaccountable body such as the Strategic Health Authority should be allowed to impose its will upon the local population by forcing them to consume fluoride in their drinking water. In this respect the SHA (which is itself due for abolition) is acting in the teeth of the decisions of elected local authorities and the great majority of local people, as expressed in the results of the SHA's own 'public consultation' exercise back in 2008.
While the greatest emphasis has been on the city of Southampton, we should not forget the outlying areas which would also be affected, based on the map published in the SHA's consultation document.
In my own home town of Totton, there would be the absurd situation whereby districts such as Hounsdown, Rushington and the town centre would receive fluoridated water, while other areas such as Eling village, Calmore and Testwood would escape entirely.
There remains the suspicion that the SHA has resolved to use local people as 'guinea pigs' in some mass scientific experiment in order that the long-term effects on health of the consumption of additional fluoride can be assessed.
If the aim is to improve dental health in our young people, surely the real answer lies in better education to encourage regular tooth-cleaning as well as persuading parents to ignore 'pester power' by not allowing their children to consume sugary sweets and drinks. MICHAEL SOUTHGATE, New Forest District Councillor representing Totton South.


Margery Richardson said...

I speak for a number of Southampton residents who would wholeheartedly agree with Michael Southgate's statement.
So well put; everything people are thinking and wondering about this issue is included here.

How refreshing to see a local councillor truly reflecting the views of the people. The question is...what can we do about it?!!

Big thanks to Michael Southgate, let's hope we hear more from this man.

Bill said...

Well Julian Lewis MP is doing his best to help stop fluoridation and so is David Harrison. All the Councils are now opposed to fluoridation and doing their level best to stop it. HAF is also playing a part.