9 Apr 2011

Daily Echo - Our water must be pure

Our water must be pure
REGARDING the recent letter 'Fluoride does more good than harm', this gentleman is obviously ignorant of the damage that fluoride does to the teeth and body.
The people who have studied it are not so-called experts, as he put it, but truly professional people.
To name one, Professor Connett has been studying its ill effects on the body and teeth for at least 14 years.
Many other
professional people have also studied its ill effects and proved it is a poison.
How long have you studied it, Mr Oliver, and what proof do you have that it is safe?
Do you not wonder why so many countries have banned fluoridation and others have taken it out of their water after many years of people drinking it? Do you think that is because it has no ill effects?
Water is precious, it is sacred, it is our lifeline. Absolutely nothing, except what is needed to keep it safe and pure, should be added to it. Nothing at all.
MRS D COVE, Freemantle, Southampton.

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