14 Apr 2011

Daily Echo letters

Total toxic load is what causes harm
REGARDING the letter by John Oliver, Hamble, 'Fluoride does more good than harm' (Letters, March 26).
Regarding the statement 'There is not a shred of evidence that says that fluoridation is harmful', fluoride is obtained from many sources, and it is total toxic load, rather than the contribution from fluoridation alone, which can cause harm.
Fluoridation ensures that anyone with a high fluoride intake will have an even higher one, and some individuals (including bottle-fed babies whose formula feed is mixed with fluoridated water) will exceed safe limits.
John Oliver would do well to read Bruce Spittle's book Fluoride Fatigue, Fluoride Poisoning: is fluoride in drinking water - and from other sources - making you sick?
Dr Spittle has had a distinguished career in medicine and psychiatry in New Zealand. The book is available to read online, at no cost, from www.pauapress.com/fluoride/ files/1418.pdf.
ELIZABETH A McDONAGH, chairman, National Pure Water Association.

Double dose worry
WITH reference to fluoride being added to our water.
Considering it is already in 99 per cent of toothpastes, everyone would be getting a double dose.
What would happen if we had another thalidomide tragedy?
IRENE O'CONNELL, Southampton.

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