6 Apr 2011

Daily Echo letters

Being dictated to
WITH reference to the disputes regarding biomass and fluoride, I would be interested to know how many of the people involved in deciding that we need these unwanted additions to our community live in the areas that will be affected by them.
My guess is not many, if any.
I live in an area that will be on the receiving end of both. How can we have the nerve to talk about dictatorship in other countries?

No point in healthy teeth if we die early
I AM writing in support of the quest to stop the SHA introducing fluoride into our drinking water. The public have been consulted and rejected it by 72 per cent so as far as I am concerned this should be the end of the matter.
Fluoride is a poison and should not be added willy nilly to the water where customers are
made to drink it, whether they have consented or not to its use.
The only thing is I suspect the lifespan of unsuspecting persons drinking this substance will be cut shorter and in time everyone will be going to their graves or crematoria with full sets of healthy teeth. What's the point?
CLLR MIKE REID, Calmore, Totton.

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