5 Apr 2011

Daily Echo letters

SOAPBOX: Fluoride
• DESPITE aU the protests the SHA are hell bent on fluoridation of our water supply and are going ahead come what may. Arrogance, despicable, call it what you may. Like a horror movie will our heroine Mrs Gerri Milnier yet save the day with her court appeal.
This astonishing saga continues, compliments of the good guys, ie Ian Murray, Jon Reeve and Matt Smith, etc,
feeding us with an unbiased update of this ridiculous act of madness. Is this the end of the saga? No, no, no. Like myself there are people who will not be dictated to. Democracy is worth fighting for. Unelected quangos have no place in a decent society.
My son, age 12, drinks a lot of tap water. To replace this from the supermarket free of contamination will cost money
which I do not intend to pay for. All bills for family consumption I shall deduct from my water rates. The water authority is obligated by law to supply uncontaminated water to the public and I insist on a fresh supply. Furthermore, I will not finance the fluoride poison introduction into the water supply.
A WILLOTT, Lordswood, Southampton

Pure and simple truth about fluoride
IN reply to the letter 'Fluoride does more good than harm' (Letters, March 26) by John Oliver from Ramble, can I just ask that when in his letter he said 'there is not a shred of evidence that says fluoride is harmful'.is he kidding?
I would say that maybe Mr Oliver should do more homework on the subject.
We are talking about a toxic waste fluoride.
Does he know what toxic means?
And as for us being accused of using fear techniques, it is simply not true.
All we have ever done is to try to tell people the truth that might have to drink this rubbish. We don't tell lies. Also, were you at the consultation Mr Oliver, back in 2009?
Well most of us protesters were and we all know what a complete scam it was.
So please don't accuse us of scare tactics. We are just telling the truth and all of us have worked very hard to try to let the people know what is going on, which they have a right to know.
There is plenty of evidence that this fluoride is harmful, especially if you get overdosed with it.
You say you watched some American video about fluoride. Well maybe you
should look to contacting the Pure Water Association on npwa.org.uk or telephone 020 8220 9168 for more information. Nothing should be added to treat teeth.
I wonder what the SHA's excuse would be if children didn't get teeth until the age of eighteen. They would think of something else to be able to dump it into our water supply.
People don't want their water tampered with, Mr Oliver, and rightly so.
We want water to drink, not to treat something. That makes a lot of sense to the majority of us.

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