26 Apr 2011

Daily Echo In My View

What about 'first do no harm'?
THE Strategic Health Authority is now making plans to implement fluoridation in Southampton and Hampshire, having been persuaded that the health benefits outweigh all risks.
However, information that has come to light under the Freedom Of Information Act suggests that the truth is very different and the public are being deceived.
1) The Government and Department Of Health have admitted that dental f luorosis is a manifestation of systemic toxicity (Baroness Hayman 1999).
2) They are nonetheless going ahead with their agenda in full knowledge of the harm it will do to the body and the teeth.
3) Even worse, in a cruel Nazi-style experiment, they intend to use a newly fluoridated community to study the harms that their forced agenda will
4) This is where the cogency of their arguments in favour of the health benefits of fluoridation disintegrates completely. Not only do they know it does not protect teeth, but that it also harms the entire body.
5) Over the next ten years, they will collect data that will not only never be disclosed to the public, but the evidence will be denied and the fluoridation programme will be declared a huge success, awards will be given and they will congratulate themselves for implementing the most important and most successful public health measure of all time. Meanwhile, unless phosphate fertilisers are banned, the industry will salivate at the growing mountain of dishonourable revenues from water companies.
6) At the same time, babies will have been poisoned and distressed families will face huge dental costs for remedial work on f luorosed teeth in their adolescent children.
Should not a Health Authority have a moral obligation to honour the Hippocratic oath "first do no harm" at all times?

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