7 Apr 2011

Daily Echo - Alarm bells over food concentration

Alarm bells over food concentration
FROM your many correspondents against the proposed introduction of hexafluorosilicic acid into our drinking water, I should like to add that it will not only be to (supposedly) improve children's teeth, but by the very nature of things be used in the preparation and cooking of food and beverages.
As water boils it evaporates, and given that this acid will therefore be more and more concentrated in the remaining water, the "recommended" dosage of this acid taken up by the food and drink will be that much greater.
This will exceed the Strategic Health Authority's "recommended" dosage into our body system and I bet they didn't want to tell us that little gem!
The catering industry, together with the burgeoning cruise ships in Southampton may like to take this on board when preparing menus and brochures. Their customers have a right to expect good and fresh water, not a substance containing a potential poison.
For goodness sake, are the SHA so domineering that the Government and Southern Water are frightened, and refuse to heed the wishes of the people who will have to suffer this if it is introduced?
I know the SHA won the recent " court action on a technicality, but just because the SHA are being abolished, are the 12 unelected members of the board intent on implementing this spiteful action as a final act of defiance in the face of all the opposition to it?

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Surviving Fluoride said...

Just a Hello from NEW Hampshire in the US, I found you via Google Alerts- I get daily automatic email - one with a list of updates on Fluoride and also Fluorine. It's amazing what turns up. I'd be honored to be Facebook friends with admins here and also Gerri Milner, a Hero in my book. I also would like to say that YouTube will be the platform to save people's rights, in various struggles. Videotape civic meetings, (particularly about Fluoride issues) and post on YouTube, share share and share on blogs and facebook. Thank you for what you are doing. Freedom begins on the cellular level. Pat at www.SurvivingFluoride.blogspot.com