8 Apr 2011

Andover Advertiser - Facts revealed on a local fluoridation human experiment

Facts revealed on a local fluoridation human experiment
4:20pm Thursday 7th April 2011
DISTURBING information regarding the secret agenda behind water fluoridation in Southampton has just been uncovered. The hidden truth the DoH and fluoride pushers never meant you to know was revealed in a Freedom of Information request on fluoridation research. 'The Southampton Project' is a major human experiment on the harms caused by putting the industrial poison hexafluorosilicic acid in drinking water. Here is the direct quote from the DoH:‘We are also supporting a major current research project into the extent and severity of dental fluorosis for which costs are estimated at some £700,000. . . a new fluoridation scheme would provide an excellent opportunity to undertake prospective research and we are keeping closely in touch with developments on the proposed scheme for Southampton’. We were told that fluoridation was not only beneficial but absolutely safe. The depth of government deception defies belief. No safe health programme - but experimental research on the masses without their knowledge or consent, using a drug capable of causing serious harm. All for powerful industrial benefit.

The DoH knows (as their statement proves) that dental fluorosis is a 'manifestation of systemic toxicity', a fact acknowledged by the government in 1999 (Hansard 20 Apr 1999 : WA 158.) though the public were never told.

Let's be clear about this, systemic toxicity means that the entire body is being poisoned, not just the teeth. So by their own admission, the health authorities (with government approval) will be using Southampton people as lab rats in an experiment that could take decades and cause untold suffering - though the cause of that suffering will never be divulged. But for the FoI, this would have remained a closely guarded secret.What else aren't they telling us? Could their experiment include investigating American research studies that uncovered a five to seven fold increase in osteosarcoma, the fatal bone cancer in young boys born in fluoridated areas? Will they be monitoring the IQ of Southampton children to see whether it drops significantly, as Chinese research suggests? Will they be studying how fluoride overdose affects the kidneys, the thyroid, the pituitary and pineal glands, and how it crosses the blood brain barrier?

Will they be assessing the increase in brittle bone disease and osteoporosis? Will they be monitoring the health of infants whose parents have no choice but to give their babies fluoridated water, despite the official advice not to do so? Has the SHA or the DoH put into place a mechanism for providing safe unfluoridated water for these young families, and if not, are they prepared for the compensation claims that will surely follow?

Were the water companies told they were not taking part in a safe health measure but an illegal experiment on the entire population? Can they now legally refuse to do the DoH's dirty work?

All fluoridation schemes must now be recognised as illegal experimentation on UK citizens, and banned.

Jennifer Godschall Johnson, Balksbury Hill, Upper Clatford.

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