31 Mar 2011

Totton & Eling Town Council has struck a double blow

Totton Town Council Moves Against Fluoride Plans
Thursday, March 31, 2011, 11:05a.m
Totton & Eling Town Council has struck a double blow to defend the town against fluoridated tap water.

By a large majority, at a meeting of the full Town Council last night, members supported a proposal that the council no longer recognise the South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) and that they mount a legal challenge on the basis that fluoride, when added to tap water, should be classed as a medicine and therefore subject to regulation and rules of consent.

The proposals were put forward by Town, District and County Councillor David Harrison, a long-term campaigner against the plans. He said “ The first part of the proposal is a slap in the face of the SHA, a token gesture to make them realise that the council holds them in contempt for the manner in which they have behaved, tryng to impose this upon the population without consent. The legal challenge may involve other councils. We seek to demonstrate, with a legal ruling, that adding fluoride to tap water to treat a disease is indeed medicating. With the SHA set to be abolished within 12 months, we are hoping that this will be enough to see off the threat of water fluoridation”.

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Doug Cross said...

At last someone is listening to what I have been saying for the past ten years! UK Councils Against Fluoridation has published numerous analyses and commentaries on the absolute requirement in law that fluoridated water must be regulated as a medicinal product. As an unlicensed medicine, no public authority has the power to order it to be administered to even a single person, let alone an entire community.

Neither the SHA nor the Dept of Health may prescribe any such medicine - they are not licensed prescribing professionals. Nor may they usurp the authority of an individual's own GP in deciding if they need treatment, and if so whether they give consent for it.

Lord Jauncey's ruling back in 1983 that fluoride is a medicine has been ignored by the MHRA (the regulator of medicines)since it was first set up as the MCA twenty years ago. What is the penalty for a quango failing to comply with a High Court ruling and allowing a product to be used for medicinal purposes in flagrant defiance of that ruling?

UKCAF can link Totton Council with others in the North who will support their action - at lhe last count we had around 50 Members. And don't forget that Southern Water is 'piggy in the middle' in this charade - they are damned if they fluoridate and damned if they don't! This is one legal challenge that they should endorse, as it will clarify their own unfortunate position at the centre of this dispute.

Remember that medicinal law takes precedence over food law in cases such as this. Fluoridation law is incompatible with food law, so all fluoridation legislation must be stuck out.

Doug Cross,
Director, UKCAF