20 Mar 2011

People Say No to Fluoride in Water Study

People Say No to Fluoride in Water Study
March 19th, 2011, posted by Dental Health Magazine staff
The Hampshire Health Department decided to conduct a health study, which made citizens get raged.
The test supposes to add fluoride to tap water, in order to see its effects on people’s health.
Fluoridated water is known to have very negative effects on health, especially on the teeth.
The general feeling of the Hampshire residents is that they do not want to become the guinea pigs of the DoH.
They also believe that consuming water with high fluoride content will result in devastating health problems in the long run.
Furthermore, people do not want their children exposed to health risks for the sake of a study.
The teeth of smaller children are extremely sensitive as it is, and fluoride water would only make it worse for them.
Further medical studies show that the ingestion of fluoride has very harmful effects on the internal organs of both children and adults.
Currently, the action of the DoH is put on hold, since the news has generated a tough judicial battle between residents and the state.
The tests would have been run in the following regions: Totton, Natley, Southampton and Easleigh.
Health authorities should never disregard the public opinion, especially when it comes to “testing” their health.
Fluoride has harmful effects on the human system and oral health especially.
Pitting and mottling are only two such effects of fluoride on teeth.
Some people may show hypersensitivity to this kind of compounds, thing which may bring about untold harm to their general health.

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