4 Mar 2011

Daily Echo - Letter

THE River Itchen qualifies as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC), in addition it is already designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The Itchen is also renowned for its chalk stream and salmon fishing qualities worldwide.
We should therefore be treating this river with lots of tender love and care.
Can expert guidance be given to any of the three questions listed below.
1) Should the fluoridation of
Eastleigh's water system take place, will this then produce a constant flow of chemically fluoridated water into the River Itchen via Southern Water's Eastleigh Chickenhall Wastewater Treatment Works?
2) Has an assessment been taken as to what effects a possible flow of chemically fluoridated water may have upon all animal life within the lower reaches of the Itchen?
3) Downstream from Eastleigh, Portsmouth Water
can extract a maximum capacity of 45 million litres of water per day for treatment via its River Itchen waterworks. This waterworks produces on average 15 per cent of the water being supplied by Portsmouth Water to a domestic population, exceeding '650,000'. Should the fluoridation of Eastleigh's water supply take place, will this company's extracted water contain chemical fluoride? JOHN POPE, Southampton.

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Anonymous said...

Conventional STW treatment will remove some flouride but probably less than 50% so undoubtedly the concentration in the Itchen will be worrying especially at periods of low residual flows. The effect on SAC listed species under the Habitats Directive is largely unknown but there is evidence that flouride affects the migrating instinct of salmon( a listed species). Given that the effects of flouridation on the environment are not properly understood why is the strategic health authority considering adding such a toxin to our water supply!!