2 Mar 2011

Daily Echo - letter

Fluoride fight will go on - SHA should give up now!
I HAVE written a few times about the fluoride issue and would just like to say that it is really getting me down, knowing that the Strategic Health Authority (SHA) still want to put fluoride in our water supply.
Why, why, why can't they get the message and do us all a favour and just go now and leave us alone? We all have to cope with a very difficult world as it is.
None of us wants this added pressure of our water supply being contaminated, but if they are going to insist on being difficult then the people of Southampton and surrounding areas can be just as difficult in trying to keep this toxic fluoride out.
Is it really worth all the hassle and fighting for the SHA, when they know the majority of people don't want it? The SHA have already caused a lot of ill health to the people that want their water left alone.
This is a message to the SHA - step down now on this issue and let us not have to hear of you all again. The only SHA I would like to hear of is Sheer Harmony Again, which we could have if it wasn't for you lot.

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