16 Mar 2011

Daily Echo - Fluoride forced on us

Fluoride forced on us
I DO not live in the area where they are planning to contaminate the water supply, a commodity you have got to use, but some of my family, including my little great grandson, are and are with the majority strongly opposed to it.
But now they are going ahead with it with the help of a judge.
How in God's name does an unelected bunch of people (SHA) have the right to force a medication down thousands of people when they don't need it or want it? Haven't they got any rights, including their human rights?
As I am well into my 80s I clearly remember the last war. I understood we were fighting for our freedom and democracy but after seeing the farce of this case and the direction our MPs are taking this once great country, I can honestly say I don't know why we even bothered.
MRS J SMITH, Fair Oak.

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