18 Feb 2011

Lymington Times - Anti-fluoride campaign to fight on.

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Alastair Carnegie said...


Dr. Debra de Silva may be real enough, but "The Evidence Centre" Twickenham, is rather difficult to locate! The above court transcript dated 11th February 2011 has numerous references to Debra de Silva and the 'Evidence??? Centre' It's a pitty Dr. Debra seems so averse to drawing people's attention to the 'irate' letter to Parliament from Professor Trevoe Sheldon Chairman of the NHS York Review (see:- What the York Review really found)bitterly complaining of certain parties MISREPRESENTING the findings of the aforesaid York Review, which concluded that water fluoridation did NOT address 'Dental Inequalities' and did NOT find fluoridation to be SAFE!

Bill said...

If you go to the video link on the right you can see the lady in question at the SCSHA board meeting when they decided to fluoridate Southampton.

The board was sent the Sheldon letter.

Bill said...

Just remembered what Prof Newton said at one consultation road show when I said about Prof Sheldon's letter. He said that is just one man's opinion.

Alastair Carnegie said...

Thanks Bill,
I am reminded of "The Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster" that facetiously claim the decline in Pirates is responsible for 'Global Warming'...I note that in recent years International Piracy has been on the rise! and interestingly Oral Health has much improved in line with Piracy. Prates are well known for foul breath and rotten teeth, could there be a 'causal link'??? Voodoo Science, as used by water fluoridation proponents, strongly suggests there could well be a connection!

Alastair Carnegie said...

Prof. Newton needs a rotten apple to land on his addled brain! and kick-start it into logical thinking!... A department is NOT one man!

Innovation Centre
York Science Park
University Road
York YO10 5DG

Professor Trevor A. Sheldon
Head of Department

And BTW Bill, further support for the Pirate/Global Warming Voodoo-Science hypothesis is supported by the recent cooling of our planet, in almost perfect correlation with the rise in international piracy on the high seas! Q.E.D.