23 Feb 2011

Daily Echo - Fluoride anomaly

Fluoride anomaly
By Jenny Godschall
IN the judicial review on the fluoridation consultation process, Judge Holman was forced to find in favour of the South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA), though his heart was clearly with the people.
His decision reveals an extraordinary anomaly - a law that is contrary to the code of justice intrinsic in a democracy.
Labour's Water Bill legalises state enforced mass medication via the water supply, without individual consent and without choice. Ethical repercussions and public outcry were obvious threats to the policy. To overcome this, the Government egregiously used the fig leaf of consultation to pretend that there was no state oppression.
Fluoridation, we were assured, would not take place unless the people agreed. However, this was in itself unlawful, as the democratic process is not relevant in medical ethics. Human rights were also swept under the carpet.
In upholding the letter of the law, the judicial review uncovered something startling - the promises were fake, the people had no say whatsoever. The process was a deliberate political scam.
Communities could be fluoridated by force, without consent of individuals or their elected representatives, and as revealed in the hearing, without proper and unbiased assessment of evidence.
In fact the SHA board were never told to take the views of the people into consideration. The only purpose the consultation served was to falsely legitimise a corrupt law and provide a cloak of integrity to unelected SHAs who had been primed to make the "right decision". For this, they were given total legal immunity.
Water companies which had in the past refused to implement fluoridation schemes, were similarly bribed with immunity against all fluoridation claims by customers.
The intended purpose of this legislation is to achieve nationwide fluoridation whether people want it or not. The unintended consequence is that extraordinary powers were given to an unelected and unqualified quango.
Judges and MPs can do nothing but shrug and blame the law that has tied their hands. Thus protected, South Central SHA used their power to ignore the will of the people, the will of local councils, MPs and even ministers of state.
The Government must now decide. It can continue to use state force to commandeer the public's water supply for the indiscriminate delivery of medication - or it can repeal the law and ban fluoridation for good.
Forcing people to take a drug (fluoride) against their will, can never be a matter of majority vote. It is, and must always remain, a matter of individual choice.


Anonymous said...

This needs picking up by the national media (such as it is). This article is absolutely spot on in terms of clearly pointing out what's gone on. Congratulations to the writer.

Anonymous said...

The judicial review has not only exposed a corrupt law but the total lack of integrity of the SHA. They knew the decision was set in stone before the public consultation began, yet far from a conscientious withdrawal, they not only commissioned a hopelessly biased campaign, but continue to ignore the wishes of the people and the growing weight of scientific evidence condemning fluoridation. They should hang their heads in shame.

Congratulations to Jenny for having the courage to defend democracy by exposing this tyranny. Your article certainly merits not only national publication but global attention too.