5 Feb 2011

Daily Echo - Do we really matter?

Do we really matter?
TRYING to get away from the health benefits, or lack of them arid also the lack of acceptance of the local opinion, I wonder how much say the SHA has in their personal choices as they are a quango and will remain loyal to their paymasters. They had their dictats.
As the fluoride they intend to use is a poisonous by-product of industry which would be horrendously expensive to get rid of in any other way, did the previous Government decide to let us be contaminated by this poison as a profit making way of disposition?
They would NEVER be allowed to dump it into the sea, where the bulk of it will eventually end up so they would charge us for the privilege of helping them to dispose of it. I have read a lot of public opinion in this paper, but the politicians and water companies seem to prefer to keep their own council. Is that because we don't really matter?
Bitterne, Southampton.

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