10 Feb 2011

Dail Echo - Letter

Society demands better
I AGREE with Jenny Johnson's letter "Threat to Democracy" (January 28) saying that laws which empower the state to enforce medication without consent through drinking water, is against everything that a decent society stands for.
A competent ethical doctor would not prescribe for a person he's never met, with no control over dosage received and without knowing a person's general health or of any allergies they may have.
A previous leader of The National Pure Water Association wrote that there are over 40,000 published studies in scientific literature on the effects of fluorides on health. Many indicate very serious adverse effects on bone, thyroid, and stomach problems, lowered male fertility and lowered IQ in children.
She wrote that the fluorosilicate wastes from the phosphate fertilizer industry, which are used in water fluoridation schemes, are hazardous pollutants contaminated with arsenic, lead, beryllium, cadmium, vanadium, mercury and radionuclides. Arsenic and beryllium are known cancer-causers and lead and mercury are nerve toxins. A WILLS, address supplied.

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