7 Jan 2011

The Fluoride Hoax

The Fluoride Hoax
By Bette Dowdell on 01/06/2011
We’ve been told a lie. The poobahs said if we added fluoride to our water it would strengthen our teeth and bones. And we believed them. Even encouraged them to fluoridate our water.

But they lied. The fluoride added to our water is a waste product of aluminum and phosphate fertilizer processing. And it’s not even calcium fluoride that appears naturally in water, but sodium fluoride, which is a whole different thing–and loaded with bad news.

In fact, sodium fluoride has no good news. Except for a few suspect reports by the people selling the stuff, study after research study proves that sodium fluoride does not protect our teeth, and it does a number on our bones. And on other body parts, too, including our thyroid gland.

Unfortunately for us, fluoride does its work in secret. Oh, we have health issues. Maybe even a lot of issues, but we never connect them to fluoride.

So let’s connect a few dots here.............

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