24 Jan 2011

Daily Echo letters

Natural fluoride has to be calculated for
SUPPORTERS of fluoridation insist there is no firm evidence of any harmful effects at the recommended level of one part per million ( 1ppm). But, this does not take into account the sources of natural fluoride in our diet.
Because fluoride readily combines with calcium, it is thought to be beneficial for teeth and bones. But it is one of the few trace elements where doses for beneficial and toxic effects are not widely separated.
It has been known (in America) for over 20 years that excess fluoride can cause calcification of tendons, ligaments, the development of bone spurs and the degeneration of cartilage between joints, that is characteristic of osteoarthritis.
Fluoride can also accumulate in brain tissue and can damage the central nervous system.
Is this not sufficient evidence for legal action against water companies who oppose the wishes of the majority of residents in their area?
HELEN WOOLLIN, Westcliff-on-Sea.
Body has ignored public over fluoride
IN view of the latest research in the USA and bearing in mind the Southampton citizens' concerns in regards to the introduction of fluoride poison into our water supply, one would think those responsible would finally get the message and act in a responsible manner thus saving the £400,000 waste of public money, by withdrawing from the courts' judicial reviews. NO CHANCE.
Hell-bent on getting their own way, they have ignored the public outcry and 'the Democratic Great Debate'. The SCSH Authority have been on a self-destruct course from the beginning and couldn't care less. Thankfully they are soon to be confined to the tidy bin in 2012. It can't come soon enough. There should be no big pay offs or golden handshakes. They have proved themselves to be completely irresponsible.
Good riddance.
A WILLOTT, Lordswood, Southampton.

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