10 Dec 2010

Lymington Times

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Alastair Carnegie said...

The Mori Poll figures, 38% against and 32% in favour of Southampton's water fluoridation, indicate that a significant proportion of the general public are not properly informed on this topic. The blatant lies and fabrications of fluoridation promoters have been exposed time and time again. Recently (7th February 2011) Undersecretary of Health Lord Howe assured parliament that The British Fluoridation Society had been sent a letter demanding that they stop fabricating non-factual statements on their website, claiming they are quoting the York Review. This is scandalous behaviour! It leads one to suspect that now there are initiatives to reduce the concentration of fluoridation from 1.0 ppm to 0.7 ppm, the fertilizer industry despearely need to extend their corrupt toxic-waste dumping scam on to the poor people of Southhampton!