22 Nov 2010


Just a little bit extreme but........

Contaminated water in major Texas city has radioactive elements

Dr. Joshua Hamilton, a toxicologist who has a specialty in drinking water, says there is no safe amount of alpha radiation, even if the radiation is below that federal legal limit.

“This particle is highly energized, and it's coming in at high velocity. If DNA is in its path it will basically attack the DNA,” he said.

Hamilton is the Chief Academic and Scientific Officer at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Massachusetts and he received his PhD from Cornell University in New York. He previously taught as a professor with tenure at Dartmouth Medical College, and has been a visiting scientist at Harvard. He was also the director of the Center for Environmental Health Sciences at Dartmouth.

Hamilton says attacks on your DNA by any amount of alpha radiation can lead to mutations, which can produce “wild cells.” The EPA has stated in its 2000 rule for regulating radiation in water that, “a single ‘‘wild’’ cell can give rise to a cancer. For alpha particles, it has been shown experimentally that a single alpha passing through a cell is sufficient to induce a mutational event.”

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