20 Oct 2010

Oral health promotion programmes

No mention that 72% of the informed people who actually responded during the consultation voted against. The following extract signed by Dr Mortimore who began this sorry affair once again proves that they bend the truth and refuse to accept that almost everybody who looks into the practice of fluoridation, and don't just accept the BMO and the BDA propaganda, reject it.
This is extracted from a Southampton Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
(JSNA) refresh consultation 2010

Oral health promotion programmes (OHP) have achieved small behavioural improvements at local level but no oral health improvement at population level.

A water fluoridation scheme proposed by Southampton was supported unanimously by the SHA Board after a public consultation. The consultation included an independently-commissioned telephone survey of a random sample of patients to assess the level of support for the scheme. The results are shown below.

Figure 3.3 Level of Support for Fluoridisation in a Random Telephone Sample of

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