19 Oct 2010


This Report should ring strong alarm bells in the minds of mothers who ought to know already that they should not use fluoridated water to make up infant formula. The combination of dietary aluminium and fluoride from the water represents just the same kind of neurotoxic hazard that Isaacson and his colleagues in New York have studied in rat brains, after exposing the rats either to aluminium fluoride in water at 1 ppm or to sodium fluoride at 1 ppm and dietary aluminium - the results are essentially the same. Under some conditions it became a lethal combination. George Glasser wrote a pamphlet about this research. Ian Packington


Formula milk has been found to contain 40 x more aluminium than breast milk, potentially putting babies health at risk. Traces of the metal were found in some leading baby milks & were 16 x higher than levels legally allowed in water. A team from Keele Uni in Staffordshire tested 15 ready-made & powdered formula milks for aluminium. "In both types of milk, levels were unacceptably high, says lead researcher Dr. Chris Exley. He said "Previous research strongly suggests aluminium could cause some toxicity in premature babies with illnesses such kidney disease. In a healthy baby you wouldn't see any symptoms or problems but my concern is that it can accumulate & cause issues in later years." Aluminium exposure has been linked to anaemia & neurological disorders in adults. When Dr. Exley spoke to the baby formula companies they said no aluminium is added to formula milk, leading him to conclude that the milk is contaminated during manufacture or storage. "Formula tends to be packaged in aluminium tubs or foil packets" he said

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