17 Sep 2010

Australia - Emergency crews work to contain chemical spill

Emergency crews work to contain chemical spill
Updated 6 hours 21 minutes ago
Map: Maffra 3860 Country Fire Authority crews are working to contain a toxic chemical spill outside the water treatment plant at Maffra in Gippsland.
An acid used to add fluoride to the water supply is leaking from a tanker parked outside the plant.
Police have set up road blocks and children at a nearby primary school have been confined to their classrooms.
Ambulances are on stand-by at the scene.


Peter Mackinlay said...

Maffra is a small country town in Victoria, Australia, not USA. The State Government forced fluoridation in country and regional Victoria last year after a sham 'consultation' process (against their stated pre-election promises) and in spite of widespread and vociferous opposition. The next State election is on Saturday 27 November. We can hardly wait!

Bill said...

Thanks for pointing that out.