1 Sep 2010

Daily Echo Letters - SHA going to courts is shocking waste of money

SHA going to courts is shocking waste of money
THE game must surely be up for the Strategic Health Authority Having tried to persuade the public to accept fluoride in our tap water, it failed miserably.
It then ignored the views of the local parish councils, New Forest District Council, Eastleigh Borough Council, Southampton City Council and even Hampshire County Council (following an excellent piece of scrutiny work, taking evidence from experts on both sides).
I suppose it was then predictable that the views of all local MPs would also be ignored. However, even I was shocked by its willingness to squander over £400,000 of our money trying to defend its unpopular decision through the courts.
Even if it should succeed here, it would still have to face a joint complaint made by myself and my local MP, Dr Julian Lewis, to the Parliamentary and Health Ombudsman.
Three cheers for the new coalition Government if it decides to transfer the decision back to locally elected and accountable councillors, like myself.
Democracy will have been restored.
New Forest Liberal Democrats,Totton.

Non-fluoride paste appeal
COULD I, through your newspaper, ask your readers if they know where I can buy non-fluoride toothpaste, because Boots no longer stock it for sale, or I can't clean my teeth with toothpaste. MRS P H CREASOR, Totton.


Colin said...

There is a company on the web at: http://multipharmacy.com/shop/customer/customeraccount.php
who will supply fluoride-free toothpaste.

Regards C G Eastwood

Anonymous said...

The small item about Boots Smile Non-Fluoride Toothpaste could be disturbing. Perhaps the writer didn't ask why it wasn't stocked. I did, was told there wasn't much demand for it but was told I could order some specially. So I ordered 10 tubes, bought the 10 when a box of 12 arrived and asked that the other two were put on the shelves. In the meantime, while waiting for her special order, Mrs Creasor can buy Euthymol or Tom's of Maine. All Health Food shops sell non-fluoridated toothpaste.