6 Sep 2010

Daily Echo - It's high time for health quango to go

It's high time for health quango to go
I HAVE sent a copy of the Daily Echo exclusive on fluoride by staff reporter, John Reeve, to Chancellor, George Osborne, and Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley CBE beseeching them to rid us of this pesky quango South Central Strategic Health Authority, (SCTHA), as an urgent cost-cutting measure.
It is, even now, preparing to use a substantial sum of taxpayers' cash on a legal battle
against the will of the public who do not want their pure English water contaminated with fluoride.
If the SCTHA feel so strongly about the issue, they should demonstrate it by using their own money. After all, it is David Cameron's desire to give power back to the people and, unlike Labour spin, by so doing he would demonstrate he means what he says.

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