25 Aug 2010

Daily Echo - Tell us what's happening

Tell us what's happening
By J.W.E.Pope
IT'S all very well for John Denham to say "Tell us what is happening" when, during 2005, John's Labour Government introduced us all to Statutory Instruments (SI) 2005 no.920 and 921, and amendments to the Water Act 2003. As a result of these actions, the introduction of fluoride nationally is unstoppable without amendments to this biased legislation.
So, how to introduce a fluoride scheme? To start with, a Primary Care Trust (PCT) that has failed statistically in the care of children's teeth, contacts a Strategic Health Authority (SHA) for help and assistance. The SHA tells the PCT it can legally help via the Water Act 2003 fref, 87c Fluoridation arrangements: compliance') by introducing non-medical compounds of fluoride into its local water supply to cure this problem using either hexafluorosilic acid or disodium hexafluorosilicate.
Before doing so, the SHA has to consult with the local water supplier, advising them of its proposed consultation, in line with SI 920, and that the water company must comply/agree to fluoridate its supply. By doing so, the water company will be indemnified by the Government against all claims made against it, unless of course the company over-fluoridates us all via a "mechanical failure". Once SI 920 has been agreed, the SHA then consults with the population in line with SI 921.
So, now we come to SI 921, Section 5, Outcome of Consultation. This style of exclusive legislative consultation, where only positive feedback is acceptable in line with the author's script, sets a dangerous precedent by excluding all opposition to a proposal. Nowhere within this section is it written that a vote outcome of a consultation overrides all other arguments.
So, look out. One day there may be something that you all hold dear to your hearts. Today it's fresh water. Tomorrow - well, who knows what it may be.... Mr Denham, your local population did not call for this Fluoride Consultation. It was foisted upon us by the PCT and SHA. Will you please now ask all local MPs, interested groups and individuals to come together to demand that SI 921, Section 5 Outcome of Consultation be amended, to ensure that a vote outcome of a consultation overrides all other arguments? This is a national issue. We locally are a test case. Should the SHA win here, the rest of England and Wales will be fluoridated. So, as a re-elected MP for Southampton Itchen, will you 'Tell us what is happening' so as to restore our confidence in the power of our locally elected MPs?

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