14 Aug 2010

Andover Advertiser - Fluoride fanatics'

Fluoride fanatics'
"NO plans to change the law on fluoridation", says Sir George Young, while Health Minister Andrew Lansley promises: "No decision about me, without me".
Are we back to the con of the Blair years? Mr Lansley has made a grave political error in tacitly approving the unelected SHA spending £400,000 on a Judicial Review, fighting against the taxpayers ' to whom that money belongs.
Now there is talk of a referendum on fluoridation. But why insult the people and waste millions by putting them through this farce again, only to achieve the same result - a resounding no.
All that's needed is the abolition of the law which will cost the Department of Health nothing.
Fluoridation is a waste of moneys We've been held hostage by the fanatic fluoride brigade for too long.
We cannot sacrifice vital frontline services and lifesaving drugs to a practice that falsely claims to be safe, when, among other illnesses,
it causes the serious systemic disease, fluorosis.
This has never been denied not even by the Government. [HL1964] Baroness Hayman responded, in a Written Answer, for the Government: "We accept that dental fluorosis is a manifestation" of systemic toxicity." (Hansard, 20 Apr 1999 : WA158.).
Can the fluoridation pushers be trusted? The British Dental Association follows the lead of the American Dental Association which wrote in 1979: "Individual dentists must be convinced that they need not be familiar with scientific reports and field investigations on fluoridation to be effective participants and that non-participation is overt neglect of professional responsibility"
In other words, in blind ignorance, indiscriminately promote mass medication on unwilling communities. Do not research to see if it is safe and ignore all evidence of harm. Administer the same concentration to babies and to 20 stone adults.
Improve your local career prospects by reverentially treating fluoridation like a fundamentalist religion that .you do not question, and damn anyone who does, especially the most dangerous, like Nobel Laureates and the world's leading experts. The influence of the powerful fluoride polluting industries infiltrates professional bodies and stretches into the highest echelons of politics.
Just look at the legislation that protects these industries. Hexafluorosilicic Acid (the industrial waste used in fluoridation) is so toxic it cannot be dumped in the sea, in rivers or in landfill sites. But industries can dump it in our drinking water and make a profit. Fluoridation is State Enforced non-consensual mass medication with a Grade 2 listed poison that has no medicinal licence.
The measure of this administration win be judged on its ethical response to this' human rights abuse.
Jennifer Godschall
Upper Clatford.

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