10 Jul 2010

Lymington Times

Anti-fluoride group urge water law repeal
A CAMPAIGN group against fluoride being added to the water supply of 8,000 Totton residents is calling on the government to repeal the legislation that would allow it.
Hampshire Against Fluoridation (HAF) has responded to an appeal on the government's website from deputy prime minister Nick Clegg to find out if members of the public feel any regulations should be changed by the coalition.
Writing on the site, HAF chairman Stephen Peckham said: "We call upon the government to listen to local communities and respect the right of the individual not to be forced to drink medicated water.
"We therefore urge the government to repeal the legislation that allows this to happen and use NHS resources to support targeted evidence-based and more effective measures to prevent tooth decay in the small proportion of children most in need of help."
If given the go-ahead, the controversial decision, which was approved in February last year by the South Central Strategic Health Authority to combat child tooth decay in the city, will affect 190,000 people in total and includes Totton because of the layout of the pipes.
It is opposed by local councils and New Forest East MP Julian Lewis, and is being fought in the high court with a judicial review. Opponents fear dangerous side effects, resent forced medication and want a referendum.

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