9 Jul 2010

Lymington Times - MP presses coalition on fluoride pledge

MP presses coalition on fluoride pledge
NEW FOREST EAST MP Julian Lewis has challenged the coalition government to stand by the Conservatives' pre-election pledge to bar fluoridation where a majority is against it.
He highlighted the united front in Hampshire between Conservatives and Liberal Democrats against fluoridation, which was approved by South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) last year.
The proposals from Southampton City Primary Care Trust aim to combat child tooth decay and will affect 190,000 people, including 8,000 referred in Totton.
As reported in the 'A&T', despite a pre-election statement that residents' approval was "vital", a senior Tory told Dr Lewis in the House of Commons in June that the coalition had "no plans" to toughen rules for introducing the controversial chemical.
Dr Lewis last week pressed the Lib Dem deputy leader of the House of Commons, David Heath, to state that the pledge made in opposition would not be weakened. But he referred Dr Lewis to health ministers instead.
Mr Heath replied: "It seems to me that this is a very important issue—I have a great deal of sympathy with the honourable gentleman's position — and I am sure that his constituents would like some clarity on the issue.
"However, I also know that the legislative framework under which these proposals are considered is the legislative framework introduced by the previous government."

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