20 Jul 2010

Fluoride Action Network Newsletter

Fluoride Action Network
FAN Bulletin 2025: The Anatomy of Deception in Florida. Part 1
July 20, 2010
Before we get to the Florida deception, some good news. We have reached another important milestone. Today, we recorded our 3,000 signer of the Professionals' Statement calling for an end to fluoridation.

Background to the Florida deception.

The Florida Dental Association (FDA) is worried about the number of communities that are questioning fluoridation in that state. This has partly come about because the cost of fluoridating chemicals is rising at the same time that financially strapped councils are looking for ways to save money.

The FDA's publicity campaign on fluoridation

The FDA (not to be confused with the Food and Drug Administration) has set in motion a publicity campaign on the fluoridation issue. The FDA has spelled out exactly what they are doing, down to the coalitions they wish to form; the local groups they wish to co-opt; the letters they want dentists to sign; a power point presentation they want them to use and a short video they want the public to watch.

Fortunately for us and the citizens of Florida, we can read or watch this material as well (see the links below).

What we have found - and you will find - is that both the citizens of Florida and their dentists are being grossly deceived. This FDA material is full of mistakes and half-truths and some outright falsehoods. Worse still one of the letters dentists are being encouraged to sign contains a phrase that could well trigger a slander action against any unwitting signer.

If the dentists sign some of these letters without carefully reading what they say they could be heading for huge embarrassment or worse. They might have got away with this a few years ago when there was not a ready source of accurate information on this topic, but today that is no longer the case. With our website readily available to all (www.FluorideAlert.org); with the 2006 NRC report accessible online (ref 1 below, also accessible from the FAN website); with the Professional Perspectives video available online (also accessible from the FAN website), there is absolutely no excuse for these kind of errors for any one exercising due diligence on the matter. Moreover, with the new book (The Case Against Fluoride) due to come out in the Fall, there will be even less excuse for this kind of misleading and false information to be broadcast to a largely unsuspecting public..........

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