16 Jul 2010

Daily Echo - Will we see cuts in the fluoride budget?

Will we see cuts in the fluoride budget?
SEVERAL months ago, Mike Penning MP, then Shadow Minister for Health, stated on behalf of Andrew Lansley, that "fluoridation should not be enforced against the will of a population". He also indicated that he was aware of the "public cynicism as a result of the current procedure".
People therefore have every right to expect action to be taken to allay their fears, and not (as reported in the Echo, July 5) to find them brushed aside.
Some may have noticed mention in recent days of the need for cutbacks and "austerity measures".
Since the former administration somewhat casually observed that a sum of £42m was nationally available to implement fluoridation, and since part of the Health Service would appear to have several hundred thousand pounds to hand to pursue a totally unnecessary court case, we naturally await a definite announcement that those funds are no longer to be had.
G PAYNE, Southampton.


Frank Acne said...

we will if we continue to fight it so write to Your Freedom and get your friends to do it also. It poisonous crap and anyone with half a brain can see it, but of course, how can that include politicians.

Frank Acne said...

Yes but only if we continue to fight the veested intrests and their political friends head on at every opportunity. write to Nick Clegg at Your Freedom now.