1 Jul 2010

Daily Echo - For a worrying warning, just look at the tube

For a worrying warning, just look at the tube
I LOOKED with interest at the directions for use on a Colgate fluoride toothpaste tube: 'Directions for use: Children of six years and younger, use a pea-sized amount for supervised brushing to minimise swallowing. In case of intake of fluoride from other sources consult a dentist or doctor. Contains: Sodium Fluoride'.
I wonder what Colgate's chemist found in fluoride that it may be of concern if a young child should come into contact with other sources of fluoride?
Surely such an estimable firm would have the best advice in order to sell the product over the counter, but would put a cautionary warning to go to one's doctor. It is not just the health of a child but surely this caution should also relate to people who may not be in the best of health or have a deficiency with their immune system.
Over many years antibiotics were prescribed automatically
when we were unwell, now we understand there are restrictions in the use of such.
What happens when cleaning one's teeth with Colgate fluoride one inadvertently swallows the fluoridated water?
Surely we would have reason to raise our fears with manufacturers. Needless to say, readers have also raised the question of fluoride being ingested in all animals, fish, vegetables - even in a variety of grains of which it is a mainstay in most households.
Many readers have advised that fluoride comes in many forms, including naturally. If fluoridated water is forced upon us and we are told it is safe, how on earth can we trust the word of experts, when the terrible thalidomide caused such catastrophic problems with newborn babies?
May I say to the experts who THINK they know what's good for us, better to be safe than sorry. It's not the money, it is playing God with our lives and our unborn babies' lives.
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