13 Jul 2010

Daily Echo - Fluoride plan 'smacks of dictatorship'

Fluoride plan 'smacks of dictatorship'
JULIAN Lewis is right to call for legislation to block the loophole that can allow mass fluoridation of our water supplies by authorities disregarding the weight of local public opinion.
The current situation does not sit well under a coalition Government that promised fairness and a greater public say in their own areas.
Mass medication for all to eliminate the lack of dental care by some smacks of dictatorship and a lack of regard for some of the consequencies. The elderly are, in particular, vulnerable to increasing brittle bones from this noxious substance.
There is also no control on the specific daily amounts being ingested by individuals - as is the case in separately administered medication - as many drink more water or beverages than others.
Nowadays authorities should also consider the increased costs which could occur from all those objecting to such schemes.
Could they not claim their human rights against mass medication and demand supplies of fluoride free water to their properties on health grounds?

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