21 Jun 2010

Daily Echo

Adding fluoride is money down the drain
I AGREE with Dr Sarah Goode (Echo letters) that it's misleading of dental official John Seal to compare fluoride toxicity with that of water etc.
Yes, drinking massive amounts of water quickly can kill, and oxygen overdoses blinded babies in the 1950s when they were given too much in incubators. But that is very different to a substance being intrinsically poisonous in itself, as fluoride is.
I also agree with John Spottiswoode's letter 'Stop this waste of money', in which he writes of the cost of fluoridation.
Less than one per cent of tap water is used for drinking, as most of it is used by industry, for car washing, cleaning, toilet flushing and having baths. So 99 per cent of the fluoride added is literally money down the drain!
Hardly a logical way to administer it!
A WILLS, address supplied.

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