26 Jun 2010

Daily Echo Letter - Water quality not improved

Water quality not improved
J POPE (Daily Echo, June 18) draws attention to the fact that the proposed fluoridation of our water, which the Government admits does not improve its quality, is tampering with a supply, which for many years has been of a high standard. It is instructive to note the replies from bodies one would expect to be concerned about the scheme.
Southern Water displays indifference to the worries of the public, who have no alternative supply, despite repeatedly stating, "Our overriding intention is to provide our customers with.... Water of the highest quality". Please notice the word 'overriding'.
From the so-called Consumer Council for Water one gets not so much as an acknowledgement. Ofwat says it only deals with economic regulation, although haying to pay full price for an inferior product, is an economic factor of considerable importance. The Food Standards Agency can only investigate the purity of bottled water, and the Drinking Water Inspectorate is happy to leave matters with the Department of Health. The Health Protection Agency is unconcerned as long as the chemicals meet 'legal' requirements; and the Department of Health, when questioned about fluoride in baby feeds, categorically denies that a risk exists.
We are also surely entitled to think it unsatisfactory that the decision to fluoridate was wholly in the hands of an organisation generally in favour of it, and the 'vote' taken by a panel including several members who actively campaigned for it and who were never going to vote any other way.
G PAYNE, Woolston, Southampton.

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