23 Jun 2010

Daily Echo - Keep up the good work with anti-fluoride campaign

Keep up the good work with anti-fluoride campaign
I HAVE just moved from Devon where there is great anti-fluoride campaign. I am truly keen that we do NOT put it in our water. I never use toothpaste with it in. I know through much reading the harm on the body, but any dentist I have spoken to will disagree. They are so conditioned, but look on the Web and you will find dentists who are conscious and know it is very harmful. I say stop eating sugar and packaged foods, no smoking and clean teeth regularly, clean up the body inside and our teeth will be fine.
Keep up the good work please. I am talking to people all the time, most are "asleep" sadly
LORNA GLYN-JONES, address supplied

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Anonymous said...

Yeah , well lets look at what else has been recommended in the past by dentists


Adam (HAF Facebook)