7 Jul 2009

Southampton Daily Echo

Give us our referendum
IN answer to Mr Alan Whitehead (June 30) about the fluoride debate and that he said we don't need a referendum. Is he kidding?
With so many people against this he certainly doesn't care what the people think or feel. I thought his job was to listen to the people but obviously he is not. Doesn't he realise that if this goes ahead this will not be a democratic country anymore and look at the problems that would bring.
Can I ask you Mr Whitehead that if you were to go to the doctors and you were forced to take medication you did not want, how would that make you feel? This fluoride is the same principle. We want to choose what we drink and what goes into our bodies. Listen, Mr Whitehead, our water should be left alone.
Why don't you give these poor children who they say need this topping up of fluoride some money to buy fluoride tablets? It could come out of the MPs' expenses claims.

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