13 Jul 2009

Echo Comments

SINCE South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) voted to approve fluoridation for Southampton, along with parts of Eastleigh, Totton, Netley and Rownhams, there have been claims that public opinion was being ignored on the subject
More than 10,000 people had their say during the 14-week public consultation last year, with 72 per cent of responses from those in the affected area opposing the scheme.
In a separate phone poll of 2,000 people, 38 per cent said they were against fluoridation, compared to 32 per cent in favour of it.
The SHA insists it followed the legal guidelines required of it before making its decision, but campaigners now argue the only fair way of allowing it to go forward is if there is a majority in a public vote. Those calls have been backed by some of the area's high-profile MPs and councillors, but others - namely Southampton's two Labour MPs - have argued it is not practical or appropriate.
In Saturday's News Review in the Daily Echo Jon Reeve looked at the viability of a referendum on the subject,
Below are some of the comments it evoked from the Daily Echo website.
Southampton's two New Labour MPs are obviously slavishly backing the SHA, which is secretly implementing this lousy rightwing government's agenda,
So like well trained parrots they keep on repeating that referendum is not practical and rest of the bull on sovereignty of the parliament.
But the hypocrites did not think of that while promising us referendum on the EU constitution during last election.
Oh well they did not fulfil that promise either did they?
Paramjit Bahia. Southampton
I have to laugh at all the people who are obsessed with homeopathic amounts of fluoride in water yet are happy to dose themselves up with alcohol and other poisons by the litre and not even think about the ludicrous dichotomy of their position.
Me? I drink alcohol, I consume all sorts of additives and I'm happy to add fluoride to the list because it's just one tiny insignificant chemical among the thousands I already consume.
I am healthier and will probably live longer than any of my unfortunate ancestors yet I am surrounded by people who want to panic about everyday life but aren't sure what to panic about.
I guess fluoride in water is as good as anything. Next week it might be the artificial addition of sodium chloride into most foods ...and has anyone actually looked at what pringles are made of?
I wonder how many fluoride panickers happily sit in front of the telly stuffing any kind of fast food into their gobs without thinking twice? duh.
Andy, Locks Heath
You may be happy doing all that Andy, but where your argument falls flat on its face is ignoring the fact that you can choose whether or not to eat Pringles etc, but you can't choose your water supply.
Jenjo, Southampton
Absolutely agree with you Jenjo, I make the choice for me and my family to eat and live as healthily as possible and if others choose not to that their choice, and that's what it comes down to CHOICE.
Sadly, Andy, I have a vibe that you are being antagonistic towards anyone that has a weakness for a certain food or drink - What authority can police what a little bit of what we fancy does us good.
The sad fact of life is we no longer sit by our old log fire and ruminate the ills of this little old world - BUT eventually human kind must take stock of itself and then it will sort the wheat from the chaff - god I feel a religious feeling coming upon me!
goard, Southampton
Dr Hardy Limeback is the head of the Department of Preventative Dentistry at the University of Toronto and the President of the Canadian Association for Dental Research.
Once a leading promoter of fluoride in public drinking water, he has since become an opponent of fluoridation. He claims that Canada currently spends more effort on treating dental fluorosis than treating cavities. He also reports lower cavity rates in areas where there is no fluoridation.
steve7676, Lima, Ohio

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