3 Jul 2009

Daily Echo

Where is my choice?
I AM disappointed with the comments by Alan Whitehead MP about a referendum on the fluoridation of our water supply (Daily Echo June 30). Of course, it is perfectly possible, it may set a precedent but one can hardly compare the building of a road or new maternity unit that will affect a few thousand people to something such as adding chemicals to our water supply that will affect tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousand people every day all day for ever!
I live in the area which may or may not depending on "local conditions" get this chemical in my water. I don't want it for myself nor for my children. I have not had my say properly and was told by the SHA that my opinion did not count unless based on medically recognised evidence.
Where's my choice? I don't have to have medical treatment even to save my life against my expressed wishes yet unelected people can force me to take a chemical I and my family don't need. Are the elected MPs and unelected SHA afraid of a referendum because it gives a clear answer of what the people really want?
They should tackle the problem with the children's teeth with the parents, spend the money there giving fluoride tablets, compulsory dentist visit etc if necessary but for heavens sake leave my water supply alone!
GILLY McKENZIE, Southampton.

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