25 Jul 2009

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Fluoridation: What about democracy!
WELL, now we all know what Messrs Denham and Whitehead think of democracy, they don't believe in it!
Consultation. I might point out to Messrs Denham and Whitehead that we have already had two consultations, or what passes nowadays for consultations?
In a 14 week 'consultation' 72 per cent said no to fluoridation of our water supply. In a separate telephone survey 38 per cent also said no to fluoridation.
The Strategic Health Authority, an anonymous and unelected Quango, twelve people I believe, decided that they knew best and totally ignored both 'consultations'. I would like to point out that Quangos are appointed by politicians.
What makes Mr Denham think that in my future consultation, if the vote still goes against them, the SHA will actually take any notice of the result.
What has happened to make Denham and Whitehead choose to ignore their leaders' state-" ment that the will of the people should be taken into account.
Still, never mind, there is a referendum, or as some call it, a general election, coming up next year. We can all show what we think of Messrs Denham and Whitehead then.
I do note that both our MPs state that referendums are pretty expensive. So are MPs it seems, very expensive in fact, but we have to have them!
MR A CAWS, Southampton.

ECHO readers (July 13) will have been struck by the irony of John Denham's remarks about referenda being expensive, especially given the huge amount of money already wasted on promoting fluoridation.
However, since the statement by the Department of Health that government policy was that fluoridation "should not be introduced unless the. local population was shown to be in favour", claimed the authority of the health minister in person, and since the local population is manifestly NOT in favour, I have pointed out to Mr Denham that no elaborate process is needed.
Since the SHA flagrantly disregarded that stated policy, all that is required is for health minister to make an announcement that the SHA decision is invalid, a move which can be accomplished in a few minutes, and involves no expense.
G PAYNE, Southampton.

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