6 Jul 2009

Daily Echo - It's the right to choose

It's the right to choose
I AM so pleased to read that Alan Whitehead does not think that a referendum is a good idea regarding the fluoride issue. However, I fail to understand how he can compare it with decisions on road building, walk-in centres and maternity facilities.
All these things do not take away our right to choose what we, as individuals living in a democratic society, put inside our bodies. Whether you think fluoride is good or bad the fact remains it should not be forced on the public and should be left to individual choice. Fluoride can be given or administered to those that feel they would benefit without impacting on the wider community.
The SHA asked me why I had a problem with fluoridating water supplies as folic acid is put in bread without consent. The difference of course is that I can CHOOSE whether I buy the bread or not.
Just for the record -1 have worked in four different schools in the Southampton area over the last 12 years and so far have seen no evidence of 'good dental education' for the children or their parents.
I will gladly offer my time, voluntarily to carry out this duty for the PCT if they would like.
MRS PLACE, Southampton.

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Anonymous said...

This absolutely hits the nail on the head. Well said. Incidentally, in an entirely different area of the country, our local Dental Health Advisor told me that there was a problem with giving out toothbrushes & paste to families and instructing them on how to use them because "people don't like being told what to do"! No, we don't! I don't want fluoride and I don't like being told that I must have it. I