9 Jun 2009

Southampton Daily Echo Comment

Getting his teeth into the matter
LET'S not be churlish and ponder whether Southampton MP John Denham's call for fluoride plans for the city to be put on hold are in any way related to the current unpopularity of his party in the polls. Mr Denham, newly appointed to high office as Secretary of State for Communities - in charge of local government - has spoken in the past in favour of adding fluoride to water to help fight tooth decay. However, today he explains in this paper (opposite page) why he believes the current proposal for parts of Southampton should be shelved. His comments come as opponents to the bid travel to London today to hand over a 14,000- signature petition calling for the fluoride plan to be dumped. It is just the latest twist in a tale that has created great distrust in the city and left many residents feeling angry that strong opposition to the scheme has not seen the back of it. Yet health chiefs are correct when they say there is no evidence that a majority of residents actually oppose the scheme following the public consultation. But was this down to the methods used?
It is time this whole matter was aired again with a proper, democratic vote.

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