30 Jun 2009

Letters in the Echo

I REALLY wish I could be surprised by the report in the Echo about the Health Secretary - Andy Burnham - failing to declare his interests or alliance with the British Fluoridation Society. Sadly, I'm not.
There is much information claiming that fluoridating the water could lead to many potentially serious illnesses such as an increase in cancer amongst young boys. It has also been linked to quite serious endocrine disorders which can often be difficult to diagnose. What will the total cost to the NHS be if this policy is carried out all over the country?
To make matters worse, this is being done at a time when we are being warned of major cuts in the NHS budget. What strange and uncomfortable times we live in.

THE government staled that £42,000,000 would be available to assist with implementing fluoridation.
Now the SHA (Echo, June 20) says it has 'set aside ' £400,000 to defend its botched consultation. It is time to ask where all this funding is coming from,
J PAYNE, Southampton.

Fluoride: where is the evidence?
What strange times we are all living in
I DO feel it is about time that the South Central Strategic Health Authority be applauded for their courage in making the right decision with regard to fluoridation and for giving a voice to children whose health will be massively improved. The well organised and well constructed campaign against fluoridation had very loud voices but no real evidence that the such small amounts of fluoride would be harmful.
Perhaps our leading public figures should also be applauding SHA for giving voice to those without one.
JOHN NOON, Southampton.

"massively improved"? no mention of fluorosis.

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Anonymous said...

"Massively improved"? Really?? It's only fluoride .... it won't make up for parents neglecting their children's health!!

And thank you for saying the anti-fluoridation campaign is well-organised. It needs to be - it's run on a shoestring in comparison with the £millions being thrown at this charade by the pro-fluoride lobby. We need to make a bit shout about what's going on because nobody's going to hear the truth from Government or any of its servants.