13 Jun 2009

Echo New health secretary quits fluoridation post

New health secretary quits fluoridation post
THE new health secretary last night resigned as vice president of the British Fluoridation Society.
Andy Burnham, pictured, says he has stepped down from the honorary posi-tion with the group, which promotes adding fluoride to water as a way of improving dental health, to avoid any per-ceived conflict of interest.
But claims have already been made he had failed to register his role on the list of MPs' interests, and his former posi-tion will inevitably lead to protests from those opposed to the practice that he should not remain in his Cabinet post.
Earlier this week, campaigners fighting fluoridation in and around Southampton delivered a letter to Mr Burnham, calling on him to step in to force a rethink of the controversial scheme.
A Department of Health spokeswoman said Mr Burnham had held his role with the BFS since 2004. "Following his appointment as Secretary of State for P- Health, he will be relinquishing this position as he appreciates "that there could be a perceived conflict of interest," she said.

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