23 Jun 2009

Daily Echo - Don't tamper with water

Don't tamper with water
SURELY, the Strategic Health Authority will now put plans to add fluoride to our water on hold. The unelected board is facing pressure on all sides, not least because the so-called consultation has proved totally flawed.
It is clear that most people don't want it. All Hampshire MPs seem to be of the same mind, that the scheme should be put on hold.
This whole sorry affair has been a tremendous waste of money, a distraction from the best
methods of tackling tooth decay, and a very poor public relations exercise for the SHA, which clearly failed to remember that it is the taxpayers and elected representatives whose views should be respected. Mass medication against the wishes of the population is something that should never be tolerated. Keep our water clean please, but don't tamper with it.
CLLR DAVID HARRISON, New Forest Liberal Democrats.

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