24 Jun 2009

Bottled water from AquAid for Dr Whitehead

Daily Echo Parliamentary Correspondent Andy Tate
continues to examine the
expenses of our local MPs
with a look through the
published accounts of
Southampton Test
MP Alan Whitehead
AN MP who billed taxpayers for the cost of maintaining a water cooler in his Southampton office has complained about being "tarred with the same brush" as politicians who broke or stretched the rules on expenses.
Alan Whitehead, Labour MP for Southampton Test, said he and some of his colleagues had been unfairly "swept up" in the campaign to expose members' misdemeanours, and insisted his own claims were modest.
They included, between 2004/5 and 2007/8, annual claims for £91 for the cost of hiring a water dispenser and regular claims for £7 for bottled water from AquAid.
Dr Whitehead, who claimed for the dispenser under his office and incidental expenses allowance, said: "The water cooler is in the office area where people come and visit, so it's for anyone who is visiting or waiting - constituents as much as staff. It's a reasonable office accoutrement."

No it isn't reasonable when he supports fluoridation for all of us.

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