22 Jun 2009

Australia - MP delivered death threat over fluoride in water debate

Rick Wallace, Victorian political reporter June 22, 2009
A VICTORIAN Cabinet Minister had a death threat delivered to her home over the weekend amid a debate over adding fluoride to Geelong's water supply.
A threatening note scrawled on an water bottle was left on Geelong-based Community Services Minister Lisa Neville's verandah on Saturday night.
The note read: "Thanks for the poison bitch - ready to kill you slowly."
Ms Neville spoke out today to condemn the threat, which she blames on the anti-fluoride lobby.
"What we have seen is some extremists who have threatened the water supply of Geelong as well as made threats against Barwon Water staff. Unfortunately on the weekend they crossed another line and threatened myself personally by delivering a message on the front verandah of my property.
"That is a signifncant line to cross and I am particularly concerned that my son, like every other child in the communtiy, is safe in their own home.
"Extremist behavour like this is completely unnacceptable and we would expect that Victoria Police will use the full force of the law against these people.''
Ms Neville did not know if the substance in the bottle was water or not but said police have seized it as evidence.
Over the next few weeks Barwon Water is scheduled to begin adding fluoride to the city's water supply to improve dental health following an 18 month debate.

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