19 Feb 2008

First Meeting February

Our first meeting was held in Southampton. The aim being to stop what is a national push to fluoridate all of England and Wales by Rt Hon Alan Johnson.
John Spottiswoode from the Green Party chaired the meeting

With little resources and no money it will be a Herculean task.
Ann Richards produced a outline of the possible campaign targets.
Dentists and Doctors.
In Ireland there is a group of 100 dentists who oppose fluoridation but it was felt that in Southampton it was most unlikely. The opinion being that no professional will risk his livelihood until about to retire.
Worth convincing as they have voted against fluoridation in the past but now they cannot stop fluoridation as it is Strategic Health Authority that has the last word.
Primary Care Trusts
Having voted to ask the SHA to set up feasibility studies little chance of persuading them.
Water Companies
Well worth following up as they too are not happy to follow the government legislation.
Trade Unions
Again worth considering possible lead considered.
Rescue Services
Record of spillage world wide to be downloaded
General Public
Informing via media and posters/leaflets. Concern that the cogent requirement may rule out many of the individual letters of protest.

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