10 Nov 2016

Starting all over again more money down the drain.

One more post as once again the same people are trying to fluoridate  not Southampton but Hull. If Hull councillors are looking to see what happened here this shows the duplicity. One minute white spots are an enhancement the next "Are those spots bothering you?" asks a dentist

Sandra White

Dr Sandra White is the director of dental public health at Public Health England
The 2008 video comes from when the defunct SHA tried to bring fluoridation to Southampton. Sandra talks about fluorosis as tiny pearly spots on teeth of little consequence. The consultation was a farce all of the panel including the chairman voted for fluoridation ignoring the majority vote against by the people. Prof Newton who advised the board and Sandra White are now working for PHE trying to get Hull councillors to vote in fluoride.

Yet this dentist asks do these spots bother you? Doesn't say how much he charged.
This video was advertised on the http://www.dentistry.co.uk/2016/11/08/a-call-to-arms-saving-kids-teeth/ No wonder they want fluoridation what a money earner for them.

This is the follow up where he says it corrects fluorosis. A nice money earner. Perhaps a comparison should be made between Birmingham,s expenditure on cosmetic dentistry and Manchester's. 

Sandra now says      Often, when water fluoridation appears in the headlines it is presented as a controversial subject.  However, the evidence is clear that water fluoridation is a safe and effective measure to help people improve their oral health. At the levels we …

Since 2008 with all the evidence that fluoridation is neither safe or effective Sandra still pushes it like a bright eyed zealot.

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